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I don’t need comfy office chair, so I just use this chair

A woman who is often seen in the office with her arm around a colleague said she has never needed comfy chairs in her career.

The chair, however, is a staple in her life.

Kathy G. said she works from home as a personal assistant and spends about $200 a month on her office chair.

She said it’s more expensive than many office chairs.

Katherine G. uses a folding chair for work and said she spends about half of her paycheck on her chair.

She said comfy seats are expensive and often do not fold up easily.

“They are not as comfortable as my office chair but they do help me move around more,” she said.

Kathleen S. has been using a folding office chair since she was a child and said it has helped her in her job.

“When you sit in the chair, you don’t have to worry about how much the chair weighs or if you are getting it to sit right on your lap,” she told Medical News.

“I think that if you have to go somewhere that is too small for you, it is just not that great.”

Kathy S. said her husband and two young children use folding chairs.

“It just makes it so much easier,” she explained.

“The chair is just so nice, it feels so good.

I just sit there and I just don’t think about it.”

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