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What is a fluffy white cushion?

It’s a popular and fashionable accessory in many homes.

However, a fluffy cushion does not provide comfort and has no intrinsic warmth and warmth does not exist.

The idea behind the fluffy white is that it’s an extra layer of insulation for the inside of the house.

A fluffy white can be purchased as a pillow, duvet or blanket.

A fluffy white usually consists of a fabric made of cotton, wool, nylon or synthetic.

A soft fluffy white provides a cushion to the body and a cushioning material to keep the air in.

In India, the term “fuzzy white” is synonymous with comfort colors.

There are many different types of fluffy white available for sale.

Fuzzy White Cushions by Color The following is a list of fluffy whites available in the market. 

Color Description FuzzyWhiteCushionFuzziness, fluffy white, comfort colors, white, soft, soft plush, cushion, blanket, comforters, pillow, blankets, combs, comfySource: Wikipedia