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How to make the best barbecue dinner

I never expected to be eating out so much in my life.

And yet, I’m in Southern Comfort and the food and drink selection at Southern Comfort is phenomenal.

From the barbecue chicken sandwiches and cornbread and cornhole sliders to the homemade barbecue sauce, I love the variety and the price of the food.

(The barbecue sauce comes in a bag.)

I also like the fact that there are no restrictions on what you can eat, which is an important aspect for me because I’m always hungry.

I love how I can eat what I want on a Saturday night and still have a good time.

(For example, I have a chicken sandwich and it’s made with a recipe I made for dinner the night before.)

So, I was thrilled to find the menu for Southern Comfort, which serves lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday.

Southern Comfort restaurant in Las Vegas, Nev.

(AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, David Becker)