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Comfortiva unveils a new range of shoes, including grey, green and delta comfort plus for men and women

Comfortiva is making a splash this summer with its latest line of men’s and women’s shoes.

The company said Wednesday it will launch three styles of shoes for women, grey, grey and a grey version for men.

The shoes, which are available in a range of comfort levels, will be available through the company’s online store.

They will have a range price of $99 for men’s grey and $130 for women’s grey.

The men’s shoes, dubbed Comfort Plus, will include a black, navy and grey color scheme and are available starting today.

The women’s versions, Comfort Plus Grey and Comfort Plus Green, are both available starting Wednesday and will include an all-white design.

The grey and grey styles have a $100 price tag and will be on sale through the Comfortiva online store starting Friday.

“In 2017, we set out to create the world’s most comfortable shoes and we’ve achieved this,” said David Kostrzewa, senior vice president of product management at Comfortiva.

“We’re very proud of the shoes and what they can achieve, and we’re really excited about the opportunity for women to enjoy these shoes.”

Comfortiva also announced a new women’s shoe in the Comfort Plus range.

The Comfort Plus Black, which will be released in late June, features a black sole, black heel counter, black tongue, and black laces.

The black shoe will be made from the same material as the grey and black shoes.

In addition, the black shoe comes with an optional grey, navy or grey version of the ComfortPlus Grey.

The shoe will have the same price tag as the ComfortX Grey, which was announced earlier this year.

The new women shoes, called Comfort Plus Gray, will also be available starting this summer.

It will feature a grey sole, a black heel, black toe counter, a grey tongue and black lace.

The price tag is $150 for women and $150 per pair for men, and the grey version will have grey tongue, a navy or navy version of ComfortPlusGrey, and a black lace option.