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How to get a cool adidas Comfort character for your sofa

The Irish-owned shoe brand has come under fire for its decision to include a cool retro-inspired design in a range of cushions.

The adidas range of cushion products is called Comfort character, a nod to the character of the cushions themselves.

The product description states: Comfort character is a new design that combines premium materials with modern technology to create a new and unique look.

It combines the classic comfort of cushioned footwear with the modern look of cushion cushions for the perfect fit.

The cushions are available in different designs and shades.

The range includes the Comfort character x Comfort character 3-pack, the Comfort charm x Comfort charm 4-pack and the Comfort 5-pack.

Adidas has now confirmed the colour and design of the new cushions on social media.

The adidas cushions feature a cool new look and feel, said a spokesperson for the brand.

“They have been designed to look modern and modern-inspired, with a subtle, retro feel.

These cushions will appeal to people who like a little bit of retro.”

Adidas will be offering the cushion ranges in the US and Europe on September 21.