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Al Jazeera: The case of the man in the gorilla suit

An Afghan man is suing his local zoo, claiming he was forced to wear a gorilla suit when he visited a zoo in a bid to protect his genitals.

The lawsuit filed in Kabul’s Lower House alleges that zoo officials failed to properly supervise the gorilla exhibit in August last year when a man with a beard, who is also a man, came into the exhibit to buy a gorilla toy.

The suit alleges that the zoo did not properly control the male gorilla after the man arrived at the zoo with the toy, according to local news agency ANNA.

The man claimed that he was told by zoo staff that he had to cover his genitalia with a gorilla costume in order to see the gorilla’s genitals.

Zoo officials denied that claim, saying they had already inspected the man before the visit and that the gorilla costume was required of visitors before the visitors arrived.

In the suit, the man claims that he experienced discomfort when the gorilla mask was removed from his face and then returned, and that he felt like he was in a “joke”.

The suit claims that the incident, which occurred in late August, is not unique and that other visitors to the zoo had been subjected to similar situations, according.