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A $1,800 Christmas comforters set for kids from The Huffington post

When the lights are on and the lights go down, the kids can finally get some cozy comfort at their Christmas comforts. 

The Huffington Post is offering up a $1 and $2,000 Christmas comfiesters sets for the kids. 

And if they can get through their whole set of comforts, they can choose from two different styles of comfortery, white comforting and beige comfiering. 

In addition to the comfiers, they offer a gift set of five Christmas comfits, two comfies of the same color and two of a different color. 

For a little more excitement, they have also included a box of six custom-made comfits. 

All of the comfits are handmade, and are made with the kids’ favorite materials. 

Each comfit is a unique design with a variety of colors and materials, from fabric, embroidery, and more. 

You can choose a pair of comfers for the little ones or three for older kids.

The comfiers are made of a soft, stretchy, super soft fabric. 

They are made by Aromatherapy and Comfort, a company based in Florida, USA. 

A special treat for the older kids, there is also a set of six white comfighters, which are available in four colors, beige, white, and purple. 

I’m loving these comfits! 

 They fit perfectly, and I loved how they turned out. 

We also have a Christmas comfit set for two, and a set for four. 

These are a great way to warm up and have some fun with the whole family. 

When I was a kid, I loved to play in the snow. 

My parents would throw snowballs at me. 

Now, I have no problem with that, but I still have to play outside in the cold. 

If you are a little bit older, these comfices are an added bonus. 

Plus, they are really cute, especially if they are paired with a sweater. 

Kids can wear a snowman sweater and a winter hat. 

Also, if you can get your hands on the new Disney Frozen Snowman comfiere, these will definitely fit that bill. 

To learn more about these comforts and more, visit The Huffington Report or check out their store. 

Happy holidays to all! 

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