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When you need comfort food for the boys, we have you covered

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have reached a tentative agreement that will provide a long-awaited respite from the long-running dispute over what is now known as “safe sex” in the league’s locker rooms.

The two sides reached the agreement late Thursday, a day after the NFLPA filed a grievance alleging that the league and its players union had engaged in an unconstitutional and unfair lockout.

It is expected to take several weeks for the deal to go into effect, with a final decision expected by the end of the year.

The deal has been described as a win for both sides, with the NFL saying it will provide more resources and resources to the union in return for a change in policy.

It also said that the union would not be forced to comply with new rules governing locker rooms and other public areas that were approved in April by the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement with the players.

The NFLPA, which filed the grievance, said it would be forced into complying with the new policies and that the terms of the deal will remain unchanged.

In recent months, the NFL and union reached a settlement in the lockout, in which the league agreed to stop barring players from taking showers in certain areas of its locker rooms while in uniform and to provide better privacy to players and staff members.

It also agreed to allow the union to make certain concessions on player salaries, such as allowing players to receive their full salary and share of the profits from the leaguewide advertising deals.

The NFLPA argued that the agreement had already provided benefits to players, and that its demands had been made in good faith.

The agreement was approved by the full NFL, which will vote on it Thursday night.

It was expected to be signed by the league chairman and other owners.NFLPA president Eric Winston said the agreement was “very, very important.”

“We are pleased that this agreement is going to give us the resources we need to get our issues addressed and to move forward to resolving the issues that have been raised,” he said.

Winston said the deal also allows the union and the league to continue their “work on a shared agenda” to address issues that are “not just football-related but on other fronts.”

The union also wants the new locker room policy to address the “sexual harassment” of male players by female players.

In the past, the union has sought to require players to take showers in a separate shower stall, a move that led to a legal battle with the league.

The terms of that settlement are still subject to negotiation.

The sides could still reach an agreement in another form.