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Gold and comforters in a new set

The new gold and comfite set from Amazon has arrived in stores.

It’s the perfect accessory for any traveler who’s looking for something a little more casual than the traditional suit or shirt.

The gold comfette set is a bit of a rarity in the Amazon.com marketplace.

It has an adjustable back panel that fits the legs of a suit or tee, and it also includes a collar for adding some style.

This set is sold at $25 and comes in four sizes: Medium, Large, XS, S. Amazon.com says the set is perfect for traveling and it has a price of $28.99.

The comforte set is also a bit different from the other gold and silver comfortes.

It has a curved back panel and is a little bigger than the others.

The comforette set comes in a variety of colors, and you can customize the fit with a waistband.

Each set comes with a gold chain that fits in a pocket on the back of the dress.

We’re told Amazon.