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The Irish are hoping the flood will be lifted tomorrow as the weather turns cold

The Irish Rugby Union have confirmed that the conditions are expected to be suitable for a warm start to the season.

The Irish have been playing their opening six matches at the Sportsground in Dublin with the first half of their home season scheduled for next Monday.

It was expected that the game would be played on Saturday with the rain forecast to stop overnight.

However, the rain stopped overnight and it will be possible for the start of the match to be pushed back to Tuesday, the start day for the 2017-18 campaign.

This will allow the game to start on time and be played as scheduled.

It will be the second warm start for the game, which was initially scheduled for February 15.

However a cold front, expected to last through Wednesday, is expected to bring the conditions for a cold start to a foregone conclusion.

The rain was expected to stop on Saturday night but it is understood that the Irish will start play on Monday.

As the Irish prepare to move on from the 2017 Rugby World Cup, the team have been working hard to bring a warm home start to their season.

It is hoped that the rain will have stopped by the time the start date is set.

The game was originally scheduled for March 10 but was postponed by a number of factors, including a change in the forecast and the arrival of the Atlantic winter.

This meant that the start was postponed until April 11.

It has since been rescheduled to April 15, with the weather forecast to remain dry.