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Why you should buy the new Scooby-Doo series for kids

A new Scoobies-themed series of walking and climbing shoes is now available on Amazon.com, with a price tag of $149.95.

The new series includes the classic Scooby walker, and the new, lighter and softer Scooby d-bag.

There are four colors, and there’s also a black version for $19.95, with two colors and a gray version for a little more.

The first Scooby, the Scooby and the Scooby d-bags are available on the company’s site for $79.95 (which includes shipping). 

For a complete rundown on all the new series, head over to Polygon.com. 

The new Scoopys series of new walking and crawling shoes, which are available for pre-order now, come out on September 10. 

Scooby and d-bags are available now for preorder. 

Bag, boots, sneakers and shoes, all in one package, is the name of the game for the new set.

The company has partnered with Sogoomb, a company that makes high-end sneakers, and has been shipping the products to retailers and retailers are now selling them. 

“The new sneakers are truly the most comfortable and stylish walking shoes you will ever own,” says Jason Tapp, Scooby creator and founder of Sogoomp.

“And it’s the best of the new kids Scooby series.”

The company is also making a limited edition collection of the sneakers, called “Scoobies.” 

Smooby and Bag, Scoobys, and dbags are now available for purchase on Amazon for $99.95 with free shipping.