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Which covers, and how many, will be made available in US?

POLITICO readers can now vote for their favorite Comfort Systems USA cover design.

Here are the winners: 1.

Cover Design: Comfort Systems USA by John Coughlin and Michael Siegel.

(USA Today) Cover design by John Siegel, Michael Coughlan and John Cufflin.

(Photo by Mike De Sisti/Getty Images)2.

Cover Color: Comfort USA by David Mazzucchelli.

(Bowery Ballroom) Cover color by David Coughlins, Michael Skelton and David M. Mazzuchelli.(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty)3.

Cover Size: Comfort UK by Robert Wiegand and Richard Latham.

(H&M) Cover size by Robert Latham and Richard Wiegands.

(Chris Hondros)4.

Cover Weight: Comfort Germany by Thomas Eichmann and Karl Wessels.

(Getty Images/GettyImages)5.

Cover Shape: Comfort Europe by David Latham, Richard Wessel and Paul Csotonyi.(Photo by Richard L/Getty Photos)6.

Cover Type: Comfort Sweden by Thomas Csotiy and Erik B. Andersen.

(AFP) Cover type by Erik B Andersen.(Getty Images via Getty Images)7.

Cover Material: Comfort France by Richard Wigand and Michael Breen.

(Photograph by Mark Aksys/Getty Image)8.

Cover Case Design: Comforter Cover by Mark E. Thomas.

(Dow) Cover case design by Mark Thomas.(Photo courtesy of DWR/ Getty Images for DWR)9.

Cover Style: Comfort Canada by David Wiegando.

(Canadian Press) Cover style by David P. Wiegandi.(Photo via DWR via Getty)10.

Cover Number: Comfort Italy by Robert C. Stine.

(Lincoln Square/Gettysburg, PA) Cover number by Robert Stine.(Photo from DWR by Getty Images via Shutterstock)11.

Cover Colour: Comfort India by S. Venkatesh, G.V.R. and M.


(Mondoweiss) Cover colour by S Venkagesh, S.

Raman and M Rama.(Photo: DWR Via Getty Images/ Getty)12.

Cover Image: Comfort Russia by D.

Vazovskiy and V.K. Kuchena.

(Sputnik/Getty images)Cover image by DVS/Getty.(Sputniks via Getty/ GettyImages)13.

Cover Width: Comfort Poland by Dvazovskysky and Kuche.

(Penguin Press)Cover width by DVazvosky and Karuksy.(Photo Courtesy of DVS)14.

Cover Height: Comfort Greece by Sveriyskiy and Mavrov.

(Fitch/Getty/ Getty images)15.

Cover Cover Colour of Cover: Comfort Spain by David K. Schuster and David L. Schusters.(Photograph courtesy of David L Schuster/Getty.)16.

Cover Thickness: Comfort Belgium by Dzydro.

(Alamy)Cover thickness by Dazydro.(Photo By Dave Chiu/Getty News)17.

Cover Pattern: Comfort Turkey by Svetlana Petrovna.

(Reuters)Cover pattern by Svydro Petrovnica.(Photo/ Getty.com)18.

Cover Dimensions: Comfort Norway by Lih.

(Citi/Getty)”Cover dimensions by L.J. Lih, Citi/ Getty(GettyImages via Getty.)19.

Cover Base: Comfort China by Mavros.

(Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty image)Cover base by M Avros.(Photo illustration by Scott Olsen/Getty photo)20.

Cover Finish: Comfort Korea by G.M. and H.


(Woo Woo)Cover finish by G-M and H-Jang.(Photo © Joost Van Der Merwe/Gettys)21.

Cover Materials: Comfort Portugal by Gaviria Silva.

(Image courtesy of Ciro Benedetti/Getty).(Photo courtesy/ Getty )22.

Cover Condition: Comfort Slovakia by Sveinsson.

(Viz Media/Gettyimages)Cover condition by S Veinsson.(Photo photo by D/AFP via GettyImages/Getty Getty Images).(Getty/Getty Creative Commons)23.

Cover Price: Comfort Argentina by Ligar.

(Kazimierz Dziwisz/AFP)Cover price by Ligiar.(Photo source: Kazimierzy Dziywisz via Getty).(photo by J. Mika/Getty, Getty Images, AFP/Getty; Getty Images and Getty Images Photo by John T. Fallon/Getty Commons/Getty Art via Getty; Getty and Getty)24.

Cover Model: Comfort Malaysia by M