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Which presidential candidate is best for protecting the health of the economy?

The president has been at it again.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Clinton over her health.

He’s also made a point of mentioning Clinton’s health.

Now, a new study from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has found that a President Trump would be more likely to keep the health care coverage of millions of Americans from collapsing under the strain of a global pandemic.

The study, published in the journal Health Affairs, finds that a president with a higher number of lifetime high-risk workers would keep about 1.5 million of the 9 million people with a lifetime high risk of death.

But a president who has a lower number of workers with a high-than-average risk of dying would lose about 4 million of them.

Trump’s numbers are higher than the 1.4 million people who would lose their coverage under a Clinton presidency.

The CBO study looked at the impact of a Trump administration on people with lifetime high risks of death, including workers with cancer, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease.

Those who have a lifetime risk of a type of cancer will be at a greater risk of developing that cancer if Trump wins the election.

Those with diabetes and heart conditions will also be at greater risk if Trump is reelected.

The study also found that the number of people who could be exposed to high-level COVID-19 infections would decrease by about 3 million under a Trump presidency.

But the CBO report found that under a President Clinton, that number would go up to about 4.5 billion.

That means that a Trump White House could save as many as 9.5 percent of the 10 million Americans who could die each year if COVID turns into a pandemic if he is re-elected.

That could save the economy $1.3 trillion over a decade, the study found.

The findings suggest that if Trump won, a lot of the savings could be redirected to the poor and middle class.

The CBO study found that if all workers were kept insured, those with a COVID life expectancy of 90 or older would save $1,500 each year.

Under a Clinton administration, the savings would be $1 billion each year, according to the CBO.

That’s a much smaller sum than what many Americans are saving right now.

It’s unclear how many people would actually be saved under a high number of Trump voters.

But if you’re thinking about the health insurance plans that could be created under Trump’s administration, that’s going to be a huge benefit to millions of people.