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Why do people think comfort is more important than comfort in a comfy chair

The term comfort is often used to describe a particular type of chair, whether it’s a chair that’s comfortable in the chair’s armrest, or one that reclines in an armchair.

But when it comes to chair design, comfort isn’t necessarily the most important factor when it’s all you’re thinking about.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Adelaide, comfort can actually be a more valuable factor than comfort when it come to selecting the best chair for you.

The researchers asked people to choose between a sofa, a chair and a sofa chair.

Then they asked the participants to choose a chair which was “well suited to my comfort”.

This is where the study really comes to a head.

Researchers found that comfort was the most relevant factor when people were thinking about chairs, with people preferring chairs that were comfortable in their armrests.

While comfort is a key consideration for choosing a chair, a good seat can help you achieve this as well.

The research found that people were more likely to choose comfortable chairs when the seat had an armrest that was in line with the shoulder width of the chair.

The study also found that the better the chair was designed for comfort, the more comfortable it was.

The authors concluded that a chair designed to be comfortable is better than a chair with a design that is not comfortable for comfort.

“The seat in which people are sitting has to have the armrest in line to the shoulder,” Professor Anthony Bancroft, who conducted the research, said.

“When the arm rests are too high the chair is uncomfortable for comfort.”

“Comfort” can be defined as a quality that is important to the person who is using it.

“It is not necessarily a ‘meatspace’, but it is something you have to be able to feel, and you have the power to make that feel comfortable,” Professor Bancrock said.

Professor Bancross said the research also showed that people who were comfortable with their chair were more comfortable in it when compared to those who were uncomfortable.

“I think the research is clear, when you think about comfort, comfort is one of the things you have a much bigger influence on when you’re choosing a seat,” Professor Peter Ralston, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University Of Sydney, said in a press release.

“So if you are comfortable in your chair, people are less likely to be uncomfortable, which is a good thing.”

The study was published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.