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Why I prefer a comforters versus a duvet vs. a pillow vs. duvet cover

In this article we’ll explore how comfortable nursing socks, duvets, and covers work.

You may have noticed that some nursing socks are comfortable in warm weather, while others are uncomfortable in cool weather.

The reason is that your skin temperature is sensitive to the amount of CO 2 in your body, and CO 2 helps to maintain your body temperature.

So, if your skin is warmer than usual, it will keep your skin warm while you sleep.

The same goes for nursing beds.

The warmer your skin gets, the more you need to wear your nursing socks.

In this case, we want to avoid wearing a nursing bed with a warm insulating layer underneath, because it will make the warm insulator layer more sensitive to CO 2 .

If you don’t wear a warm layer under your nursing bed, it’s possible you will get cold feet and feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

The way to keep your insulating layers cool is to keep them slightly warmer than your body is naturally at.

This means if your body isn’t really cold, you don: Wear warm socks