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This is why you should never buy an Xbox One S

IGN – If you’re looking for a great gaming laptop or a new console, you may want to avoid the Xbox One, according to one of the best gaming laptops ever created.

This is why.

In a lengthy post on the Microsoft Surface Book page, the company says that its new device will cost $699, but will only be available through select retailers.

“We will only have the Surface Book available through selected retailers for a limited time and we’ll be shipping this device through the mail and through our partners over the coming weeks,” the post reads.

“We’re excited to announce that we will be shipping the Surface Pro 3 this week, and we are also excited to share that we are shipping the Windows 10 Creators Update to those who have pre-ordered the device.”

To make the best out of the new Surface Book, we are introducing a special deal for those who pre-order this device.

“In a similar vein, Apple has also released a limited-edition Apple TV that is only available to Apple Pro subscribers.

As for the Microsoft product, it’s been available to pre-orders since last month.

If you can’t get ahold of one, Microsoft is giving away a special edition Surface Book for just $699.