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Trump to use his final year to try to fix U.S. health care system

President Donald Trump will use his last year in office to try and fix the nation’s health care systems, his administration announced Monday.

Trump, who is in a tight race for the White House with Democrat Hillary Clinton, will use the week of Jan. 19 to focus on overhauling the nations system of health insurance, according to the White, which reported the plan.

The Trump administration also is expected to use the same day to announce new investments in the nation and the economy, it added.

The White also said that Trump plans to hold a rally in the State Dining Hall in Washington, D.C., to boost his campaign coffers, a visit scheduled for the same date as the president’s inauguration.

Trump has previously hinted that he will use a last-minute rally to urge Americans to enroll in a health care plan.

He was at the State Department on Friday to try out a plan that he said would “get people back into their homes.”

The announcement is likely to draw the attention of health insurers that have been under pressure from the Trump administration to lower premiums and to increase enrollment.

The plan, which was announced late on Sunday, is based on a proposal that former President Barack Obama outlined in February, which included a new program called “Essential Health Benefits,” which would provide coverage to millions of Americans who cannot obtain insurance through other means.

Essential health benefits were an alternative to traditional health insurance and were a way to help the uninsured gain coverage through a tax credit.

Under the new proposal, about 80 percent of the nation would be covered through Essential Health Benefits.