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When to eat with a fork

Best comfort food: A fork is a good idea when you’re at the restaurant table.

“When you’re eating with a chopstick, you’re not really cutting into the food,” says Katie McCauley, a food writer and chef from Brooklyn, New York.

“But you’re getting a little bit of it.

A fork makes that a little more interesting.”

While some dishes, like beef stroganoff, use forks as a conveyor belt, most don’t.

“The idea is to cut through it,” says David V. Kastle, a restaurant consultant who specializes in fast-casual restaurants.

“If you want a hamburger with the same amount of meat, you don’t chop it up with a spatula.”

But you can do a lot more with a spoon.

Instead of using a fork, use a spoon, says V.F. Lee, a chef and author of The Simple Chef.

“You can get a little deeper into the dish, and you can get into the meatier parts.”

Instead, use your fingers to scoop up a piece of meat that’s been cooked to the right consistency, and then gently pull it out with your index and middle fingers.

“It’s really just to get at the flavors,” says Lee.

The takeaway: Pick up a fork and get to it.

What you should know: For some dishes — like braised pork shoulder and brisket ribs — it’s easier to just take a bite and take it to the sink.

But if you’re worried about the dish’s texture or texture-wise, you might want to try a spoon or a knife instead.

Here are the 10 best comfort foods to prepare with a knife and fork:1.

Broiled duck with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and cilantro, grilled, on a bed of spinach, with a crispy, crisp bun: 2.

Fried chicken, baked with bacon and tomato: 3.

Chicken breasts, baked on a rack: 4.

Salmon in a white wine sauce, with mashed potatoes, cucumber, and tomato, grilled on a wood-fired grill: 5.

Beef tenderloin, braised, with potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, grilled: 6.

Chicken with mashed potato, red onion, and a side of avocado, baked in a pan: 7.

Beef stew with mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, and sweet peppers, with fried potatoes, carrots, and bacon: 8.

Roasted beef with mushrooms and green peppers, braising for 24 hours, on an oven-safe plate: 9.

Beef stroganoffs, with chopped mushrooms and bacon, grilled over an open fire, with onions, garlic and green pepper: 10.

Chicken breast, roasted, with mushrooms on a toasted baguette: More from The Post: