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When Apple finally releases the next version of its iMac lineup (in 10 minutes), I’m going to buy one for myself (with my own money)

By now, you’ve probably noticed that the next-generation iMacs (and the ones that follow it) are now more than a year out from launch.

The iMac mini, the iMac Pro, and the iSight Pro have all been updated with a slew of new features and performance upgrades.

But that’s not all the latest iMac models are getting, according to the tech-centric website Engadgets.

That’s right: It seems like Apple has some extra money to spend on something that might not make a lot of sense on paper, but is a good value in real life.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your current iMac, here’s how to do it in 10 minutes or less.

When you buy an iMac in the U.S. right now, it will retail for $2,499, a price that’s actually higher than the cheapest comparable iMac you can buy in Europe.

The Mac mini starts at $2.79, the lowest price ever, but Apple is also releasing a 10-inch version that retails for $3,299, or $1,599 more than the standard model.

If you’re willing to spend that much, you can get a more powerful version of the new iMac (that costs $1.99 more) that will go for $1 the next time around.

But wait, there’s more: You can also buy a brand-new iMac and add it to your wish list for $4,999, a pretty sweet deal for someone who might be in the market for an upgraded version of their iMac.

(The cheapest iMac that you can find in the US right now is the 10-incher, but you’ll still have to shell out $2 more than you’d need to for the same model.)

While you can’t go back in time to buy the next generation of iMac if you don’t want to wait another year, you still can buy a new model for as little as $400.

That price includes a new Mac mini with Intel’s new Broadwell chip, and if you buy the 10.5-inch model, you’ll get an extra 8GB of RAM.

And even if you do want to keep buying the next model, the 10 Pro will set you back $1,-700.

So there’s no better time to upgrade.

In the meantime, if you want to pick up a new iBook, iPad, or iPod touch for the holidays, you should check out our top picks for the best deals on Apple products.

You can pick up an Apple iBook for $799 (starting from March 31) or an iPad Air for $449 (starting on March 31).

The MacBook Air for the Macbook Air costs $539.99 starting from March 15.

And you can pick one up for $349 starting on March 15, but if you decide to keep your old model for another year (and you should, as Apple will have an extra $200 off the price tag if you purchase the 10 or 15-inch models), you can upgrade to a 10 Pro for $899.

That Macbook will be the last one to be upgraded, as it will be replaced by the next Macbook, which will ship on April 6.